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San Diego State University Military Scholarships

Scholarship Sponsored by San Diego State University

Scholarship Value: $5,000
Awards Available: 9

Students utilizing federal and/or state Veterans Affairs education benefits (i.e. GI Bill, CalVet Fee Waiver, etc.) may qualify for financial aid in addition to or in place of those benefits they are already receiving. By utilizing available financial aid, military connected students may be able to conserve their VA related education benefits for future educational pursuits.

Students are highly encouraged to review the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information about available resources. Below is a list of military-connected scholarships available to SDSU students. Military affiliated students should also review additional scholarships, grants, waivers, and other forms of financial aid which may be available.

Military related scholarships offered through the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

1) Dan Gomes Veterans Alumni Organization Endowed Scholarship

2) Delbert F. Harrison Veterans Endowed Scholarship

3) Jack McGrory Veterans Scholarship

4) Miramar Federal Credit Union Military Family Scholarship

5) Sinegal Veterans Scholarship

6) SDSU Veterans Scholarship

7) SD Military Advisory Council SDSU Military Student of the Year Scholarship

8) The American Legion District 22 Endowed Veterans Scholarship

9) William J. Kievens Troops to College Scholarship

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