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Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by California Teachers Association

Scholarship Value: $6,000
Awards Available: 22

To be eligible, the applicant must be:

A) Pursuing a degree, credential or certification for a teaching-related career in public education in an accredited institution of higher education

B) A member of one of the following defined ethnic minority groups: African American/Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian/Pacific Islander or Hispanic

C) Enrolled for summer or fall semester of 2020

Applicant must also be one of the following:

A) An active member of CTA

B) A dependent child of an active, CTA/NEA-Retired or deceased CTA member (per IRS ruling)

C) An active member of Student CTA (SCTA)

To receive the scholarship, the active SCTA member must reside in California and maintain membership at the time of disbursement.

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